Vairums pagājušajā diennaktī konstatēto Covid-19 slimnieku dzīvo Rīgā

No astoņiem pagājušajā diennaktī konstatētajiem Covid-19 slimniekiem pieci dzīvo Rīgā, liecina Slimību profilakses un kontroles centra (SPKC) apkopotā informācija.

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  • Juris Kirsis

    Juris Kirsis

    Kā lai tiek vaļā no šīm ziņām?? Pat Hide all nepalīdz🤦🏼‍♂️
  • Іван Філіпіч

    Іван Філіпіч

    What rules the earth? Info angel.
    Worlds ever-living deities of Creation, God Is Love and His Creation in love, target Times for centuries, and us with eternal lives. God's Creation is Absolutely, the Board is not subject. The life of humans is not by our desires, and the fact that inherent in the soul, the destiny of man, the people, the way to God. Eternity had No one, Nothing lost, everything Was, Is and Will be at Centuries did not shift, his time. In God of the dead does not exist. The body is perishable, eternal life through reincarnation on the spiritual energy level, lies in the soul of the Mother. Trust the soul, the fate of their. Live the truth, do not be afraid, and that inherent in the soul, your fortune, not around. All that is necessary for human lives, given by God, mentality, speech communication unites people. If a person uses a speech Communication of a people, his thoughts and mentality of the people, it separates his people. Knowledge of the speech of the peoples glorifies a man.
    .Nutnosti-Virus the basis of Gods Creation of the Worlds. Nutnosti for sketches not only cleanse our System of the land, and all 48 Systems of land worlds. The system operates up to 5 thousand lands. With this virus earthlings meet in a 700 l, its action 100 L. transient periods. The virus is not the disease, he sketches, makes an improvement in the fate, the mentality of the earthlings, in accordance of the levels of their development. People mainly carry the virus without getting sick. In the future from the virus death of the body is not there, human life is eternal. I moved it action hard. My patron with the 8-level System, No. 48, land No. 4667, he moved the action of the virus twice in 10 outpatient days blowing the lungs. Your backers are in the System No. 48. From the third level Medicine cures medicines from nature given to us by God. Chemistry is not applied from the outside of her actions..
    The soul is not replaceable rule the earth, it is the wish, control the lives of earthlings. You have a lot of life paths? Which way to go? Some would go their way. passed you many times in the God-man.
    The first level is over, the war between peoples. At the same time, Stalin, Lenin, war forever rattle in the lands of the first level, and dinosaurs running around the lands of 1-2 levels. Military clashes takes place throughout 100 L. the time of the collapse of the Empire, the people captured her.
    Constraint of God's Creation applies to the aggressor in Ukraine, he did everything to capture her, she lay at his feet. And now not lost his desire, concentrating forces around Ukraine. But you can't do it, not everything depends on his desire. He could not divide the Ukrainian people and the grounders. In God's Creation people are equal, the unification of the earthlings is by FORGIVENESS, asking for forgiveness for his actions, intentional and not intentional, forgiving others. No other way. Earthlings are by me, understanding the essence of development of the peoples of the first level. God is the Creator, not judging.
    He does not judge his creation, but gives a chance for correction. God forgives and tells us. The faith of Nations races in the one God will unite earthlings.
    Empire not of Gods Creation, and grasping the hands of the aggressor. In Russia not to forgive someone. Russia for 100 l will come with maps of Earthlings, like the Soviet Union and other empires. It will be an enclave Muscovy with new generations, not waging war.
    For 200 L. the process of disintegration for China, the EU, NATO, USA and other Nations in accordance with God's partition of the lands of the Nations. People live in this God's Earth in peace and friendship, has blossomed in the spiritual, conversational and traditions of the peoples worldly States. Invited to the information the angel on my page. Share with your friends.
    -Dear You can not going to friends, get information angel on your page.

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